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Argentine Tango in Bristol- Tango Note classes and information

Tango Note - class Wednesdays
Closed until further notice...

Flyer imageDue to the current Coronavirus situation, there will be no regular teaching until further notice.

Apologies for this and we wish you all the best at this time.

Monthly Social @Antique Chamber
Monthly - see calendar
Class / Milonga / Live Music


We have a beautiful venue in the centre of Bristol's historic quarter, with a bar, and a courtyard curtained in privacy.

During the summer months (June-Sept), we have two floors to dance on, indoors and outdoors. We have a selection of Live Music and Dj's.

The music varies between traditional and alternative. In between Live music sets, Dj Mariposa will play predominantly traditional tanda's with more alternative music towards the second half of the evening.

Price: £11
Parking: street £3; Queen Charlotte multi £4.50/evening.
Information: see also Facebook event information.
Venue: Antique Chamber, 32 St Nicholas St, Bristol BS11TG (map).
Contact: see Facebook event information.

Music & DJs

Music imageAt Tango Note, we play music to delight you and is easy to dance to. We enjoy live music whenever we can. Our DJs play a mix of mostly Traditional, with some DJs adding a sprinkle of Alternative dancable music. Each DJ has a unique style...


Mariposa: 60/40 Traditional/Alternative.

Yanna: 70/30 Trad/Non-Trad, or all Traditional.

Ula: 100% Traditional.

Leena: 70/30 Traditional/Arabic Alternative.

Johnie: 100% Drama.

Live musicians

Tango Calor

Tango à Paris

Cabaret Tango Band

About Us
Tango Note community

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We are Tango Note, a group of Argentine Tango enthusiasts (Tangueros) who enjoy dancing, teaching and organising dance events (Milongas) for Bristol's Tango community...see our Calendar. Since 2007 we offer relaxed, varied and inclusive classes and events. We encourage different styles of Tango dancing and encourage you to develop your personal way to dance. Click to find out about our pedagogy and our code of conduct. We enjoy live music, traditional tango music, as well as encourage our DJs to add alternative, suitable and fun music to play. Do check the Music &DJs information for their music styles.

Mariposa (Trad-60/40-Alt)
Yanna (Trad-70/30-Non-Trad)
Johnie (Drama)

Tango Note crew
Thomas, Saara and Yanna.
We also teach and organise events with others, see our calendar.
Tango Note crew
Thomas, Saara and Yanna.
We also teach and organise events with others, see our calendar.

For private classes, events and gift cards, please contact .
For weddings, performances and live music:
You can also ask any of the crew. Gift Card image

We offer gift cards ...a perfect present!
For £99 [Paypal], you can get three private classes with any of the Tango Note teachers. Also, we can make out a card for one class at £39 [Paypal]. Please contact Thomas for more information.
Follow us: mailing list, facebook, twitter, or calendar. Mailing list: we send occasional emails, and will keep your details private.

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Tango Note performances

YouTube image Bassem Saara TangoNote video Nostalgias
Bassem Saara TangoNote video
Bassem Saara TangoNote video Malena
Bassem Saara TangoNote video Yo Soy El Tango.


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Thomas’ dance style is of the salons in Buenos Aires: smooth movement of the embracing couple across the floor. His teaching enables you to join a Milonga with confidence. The Tango is demystified and subtleties are explained in detail, using geometry and physics of movement. Important areas are communication between the dancers in the embrace, good, clear and accurate leading, musicality and the improvisation with steps, music and floorcraft. Thomas learned Tango in Berlin in 1997 and has taught and organised events and communities, in Ireland and UK, since 2000. He founded Tango Note in Bristol in 2007. Facebook image   Business Card image


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Saara is an ardent tango dancer, teacher and performer. She aims to establish authentic connections through creative movement and improvisation, body awareness and exploring individual expression. She has danced tango for many years, mainly learning in Finland, Argentina and the UK. She has extensive professional experience in physical theatre and dance, singing, storytelling, Argentine Tango and event organization. She has studied Community Music; Community Dance and Acting; Applied Theatre and is qualifying MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy.
Saara djs as DJ Mariposa: 60/40 Traditional/Alternative. Facebook image   Business Card image


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Yanna has been dancing Tango since 2005 and teaching since 2009. She has taught internationally, in Holland, Germany and the UK. She has further experience in jazz/ballet, theatre, choreography, community dance theatre and film. She runs events, parties and festivals. As part of her qualification, she did teacher training. Her emphasis within the dance is quality and connection. She leads and follows in a sensitive and delightful way.
DJ Yanna: 70/30 Trad/Non-Trad, or all Traditional.   Facebook image   Business Card image

General Information
...about Tango, classes and events

Argentine Tango is a couple dance originating from Argentina around 100 years ago. It is danced socially, not competitively. The emphasis is to connect with your partner and with the music, moving around floor in an improvised and responsive way. Dancing Tango is a walking dialogue between two people for the duration of a few songs.

If you are new to Tango, we recommend Thomas & Yanna Wednesdays class.

Classes have no pre-booking: just drop-in. Workshops and courses will need pre-booking. A partner is not essential, but bring someone if you can (we encourage changing partners in class). Wear suitable shoes (eg dance shoes with leather soles or similar). Ideally the shoes should not be too grippy on the floor, but allow you to turn. Wear comfortable clothes; Tango is a walking dance, so it is not hot and strenuous. Loyalty cards may not be accepted at all classes (eg if class bookings via the venue). Please respect floorcraft. We can't take responsibility for: lost/stolen items, your health and safety. Big hair: best tied/held back, so it's away from your partner's face.